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neljapäev, 25. mai 2017


We have been using jivochat for over a year and have found it very useful.

Especially with fast technical questions that usually take 2-4 days to answer in big companies we can provide quick answer within minutes.

Whenever customer comes back to our site we see instantly what chat history we have had with that customer so there is no need for long explanation we can see all the history. That’s very useful when client have spoken with some odder support personal and now chatting with different person.

We installed jivochat for 3 different website and there was no additional cost. Now we can track any conversation and see how our employees answer to customers. If we think there could be better answer we will speak with employee and send additional info to customer e-mail. That helps to grow our personal knowledge base and helps to give better information to next customers.

Before jivochat we used e-mail, but that took too long time. With jivochat the answers are instant and if there is follow up questions then they will be answered much faster than with e-mail. With e-mail you can change information for many days.

With jivochat you could have multiple chats going on at once. That is not possible with phone calls, plus you have easy drag and drop pictures for customers to illustrate a point.

Customers can leave their details offline if our office is closed so we can get back to the customer first thing in the morning.

Definitely recommend for businesses who want to improve customer service.

More info can be found https://www.jivochat.com

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